FAQs for Canadians Wishing to Buy US Property

Q: I am a Canadian citizen and live in Canada. If I buy property in the United States is it going to be subject to state tax?
A: Yes, if you rent the U.S. real estate, you will be subject to U.S. income tax rental income. Even if you use the U.S. real estate solely as a holiday home, any real property in the U.S. by death shall be subject to taxes on U.S. goods.Q: How can I stay away from the withholding tax of 30%?
A: The laws of the United States would allow income to the owners of the U.S. assets rights that are not citizens or residents of the United States to choose to be treated as engaged in a U.S. trade or business. The election is the obligation to submit an annual U.S. income tax, but allows non-US investors to calculate their U.S. income the tax in net terms (reduction of rental income gross of deductible expenses, including depreciation).Q: If I do not lease or rent my property to others, will I have all U.S. tax obligations?
A: Yes, in case of your death (and if you own US property), you will be subject to U.S. property tax.Q: How does the U.S. property tax differ from the tax I pay to Canada after my death?
A: U.S. property tax is different in many aspects as compared to Canadian death tax. Three of the most important differences are, first, the rates at which property taxes the U.S. imposes: federal rates range from 18% to 45%, and the state in which the property is located may also impose a state estate tax. Second, taxes on U.S. properties are assessed on the combined market value of real estate fair. By contrast, consider the provision of Canadian death tax which only taxes the profit to be gained if the property is to be sold.Q: I can avoid the taxes that I would otherwise pay to the Canada Revenue Authority after my death, basically, to leave the property for my partner. Will my partner avoid taxes?
A: No, unless your partner is a U.S. citizen.Q: Is there a strategy that allows me to avoid taxes on U.S. property?
A: Yes, you can. But the point is that in order to succeed you must have a comprehensive plan. Start planning long before you are about to purchase US property.Q: Where can I get information on how to avoid US property taxes?
A: It is imperative that you consult a tax advisor with experience in U.S. tax matters, otherwise you may pay huge amounts in taxes.Finally, it needs saying that Canadians are eager to buy US property, especially in the south as retirement or vacation options. As you can see from FAQs, there isn’t many problems associated with the purchase of the US property by a Canadian citizen. At the same time, this requires thorough planning. A visit to a lawyer competent in US property legislation is a MUST for every Canadian dreaming of buying US real estate.

Healthy Behaviours

A balanced, nutritious diet, participating in physical activity, quitting smoking, taking the influenza vaccine, social engagement, safe environments, and avoiding excessive alcohol use are samples of healthy behavior to your health.Four parts of a self-care plan are:• Physical activity• Nutritional recommendations• Stress reduction• Medical careImportance of Healthy Behavior:Healthy behaviors may help to live the healthy life, you can avoid:• Weakness• Loss of balance• Fatigue• Stiff muscles and joints• Weight loss or weight gain• Problems sleeping• RestlessnessSome of the behaviors are below which probably the most helpful for your healthy behaviors can.Weight Control:The reasons individuals gain weight and also the path to successful weight loss are very sophisticated, as factors beyond diet and exercise will exert a big influence on our body composition, hormones and the surroundings. Some of these factors are within our control while others are not.Following are the some ways which are helpful for losing weight:1-Daily Exercise:Exercise is probably the most important predictor of weight loss which can probably helpful to you for long time. In order for exercise to be helpful in weight loss, you should walk for a minimum of five 30 minute sessions per week. If you start with 30 minutes exercise schedule for couple of weeks. When you experience some improvements, increase the duration of your exercise.2-Stay focused on being healthy:When the motivation of people changes from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier, they become more successful at long term weight loss. The Food Pyramid tells you the types and amounts of food you should eat each day to give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal health.3-Balance Diet:Here some tips for a healthy balanced diet:• Watch your portion and serving sizes.• Eat the meal according to your need.• Make habit of eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.• Eat one serving of fish, lean meats, for your protein source.• Drink plenty of water.Cancer Related Behaviors:Cancer is a class of diseases occurs by the excessive growth of cells. Cancer is ultimately the result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not die. Normal cells in the body follow an orderly and smooth path of growth, division, and death. Normally Cancer is divided into five categaries,which include Carcinomas, Sarcomas, Lymphomas, Leukemias, and Adenomas.Cancer-related behavior is any behavior that will increase or decreases the chance of incidence, or effects of cancer in oneself or in those for whom one has responsibility, like patients, pupils, staff or family.Accident Prevention:Home accidents are the leading causes of death among children and injuries among adults. These accidents could have been avoided by taking simple precautions. You always need to check your house and your habits to make sure that your home is not a danger zone. Following are the some useful tips to prevent from the accident,• To avoid any slip, wipe up spilled water, grease, and different liquids from your kitchen, bathroom, and garage floors as soon as attainable.• Never place hot tea, coffee, or different hot liquids on a tablecloth that hangs over the aspect of the table.• Never place electrical heaters close to flammable materials.• Never bit an electrical appliance whereas you’re standing in water.• Never use your basement or garage as a general storage space.• Never keep a loaded gun within the house.Sleep:Sleep is a complex process of restoration and renewal for the body. Enjoying a good night’s sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In research it is examined that all Americans experience a sleep problem at some time in their lives. This problem occur 9 percent of the adult of America. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 25 percent of Americans experience occasional sleep deprivation.Healthy sleep requires:• A sufficient amount of sleep• A regular bedtime• Room should be dark and cool• Avoid alcohol before bed.If, any of these essentials are not optimal, symptoms of sleep deprivation may occur.

Knitwear Design: Career Opportunities

One of the oft forgotten important branches of the textile industry we rarely talk about in the knitwear design. Dealing with all aspects of knit textiles, this is one of those areas that have a great potential for growth. Those seeking careers in knitwear have a great market waiting for their skills especially the large manufacturers who are always on the lookout for talent to fill their ranks of vacant jobs. If you have the least of qualifications in any branch of this area, you can be sure that many companies are looking for raw talent. Fashion schools that let you develop skills in knitwear design will enhance the skills of people who are creative and with a full imaginative mind to bring the artistic inclinations we often see portrayed as fashion.Fashion schools that specialize in knitwear design teach skills in numerous areas of the industry, which include the design and making of sweaters, sweater design and knitted textile design. When you have sufficient qualifications from a reputed knitwear fashion college you will get employment opportunities from institutions such as universities, colleges as well as other fashion colleges that cannot get enough of qualified and talented workers with the right qualifications. Apart from working in the production lines graduates can work as instructors and lecturers in numerous departments dealing with the development of the knitwear design. The numbers of academic institutions offering courses in knitwear design are not too many and there is therefore stiff competition among the few available knitwear fashion colleges to offer the best skills.Over the course of time the knitwear design industry has grown in leaps and bounds and the evidence abounds in the market from the number of products that are on offer. There is therefore no shortage of jobs in the knitwear fashion design industry and all that is required is qualifications from reputable knitwear fashion colleges. Do not sell yourself short by getting substandard qualifications form questionable fashion colleges.

Lead Poisoning: Your Health, Your Insurance Coverage

It was not that long ago when the water crisis in Flint, Michigan took place and residents worried about the lead content. For years, home and property owners and managers, as well as mortgage companies have known about lead risks.

Recent studies about the metal exposure in many parts of the country have raised significant questions.

What is lead poisoning?

This form of toxic poisoning can happen when a perilous level of lead enters the body. Incidentally, small amounts of lead are not good for you, either, and can cause serious health concerns, particular in kids under six years of age.

Where does lead come from?

Lead problems typically originate from lead-based paint and lead-contaminated dust. Older houses and buildings are problematic in regard to this. Lead can also be found in polluted air and water and soil. Those working with batteries, apartment or office building renovation may also be at risk, as are auto repair people.

How does one this form of poisoning?

All it may take to reduce low levels of lead poisoning is avoiding spots where lead is contained. Patients who suffer from a high level of lead poisoning may need to undergo a treatment called chelation. Family physicians are the best source of guidance in this matter. Of course, avoiding contact with lead sources is the best antidote in the first place.

How does one prevent lead poisoning?

Here are several everyday tips that help residents prevent exposure to lead poisoning.

• After turning on the cold water, let it run for a minute or so before using.
• Wash hands before eating, bed time, and after playing outside
• Sanitize toys regularly.
• Mop all floors on a regular basis. Wipe furnishings and clean surfaces with a damp cloth to maintain a dust-free atmosphere
• Train family members to remove shoes prior to coming inside
• Plant grass over soil patches.
• Plant grass over bare outdoor soil patches, covering sand boxes after playtime
• Eat wholesome meals three times a day.
• Avoid toys, remedies, cosmetics and hair dyes that may contain lead.

What about Property Insurance? Does it Cover Lead Poisoning?

This type of metal poisoning is a controversial topic for most insurance companies – especially when it comes to older homes, buildings and property. Generally, home and property owners must hire a special inspector to confirm that lead is not a known problem before a provider will sell related coverage.

More information about lead poisoning as it relates to property insurance can be learned from an independent insurance agency that is experienced in all areas of real estate.